is dedicated helping students navigate the college search process and find opportunities to combine sport and education in a healthy, committed environment.

We have connected students with colleges coaches to such fine places like University of Florida, University of Texas, University of South Alabama and several other great places. We have players on our site from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, USA, Germany, and other places

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What they say about collegesport.us:


"It would definitely help to have a platform like this. Especially as an international student you don't really know a lot about how it works in the states and which options you have. Having the opportunity to go to the states is a great thing. It is such a lifetime experience and you get to know so many nice people. I have learned a lot on and off the golf course as well as about myself. Being so far from home was a big step for me but I don't regret it."

- Sarah Schober, Professionel Golf Player, LET Tour player from Austria, University of Florida graduate -


"Moving to America to experience college life was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have been blessed enough to live in two states: Florida and Texas. I've made friendships that will last a lifetime and visited places that I would never of thought as well as playing golf courses all around the country. The schooling is so important, I've learned so much in the classroom as well as about myself. Being away from home allowed me to be exposed to different cultures not only in America but through teammates that I have all over the world."

- Rachel Hanlon, St. Andrews, Scotland. Saint Leo University graduate 2016 -


"Coming to the United States to attend college and play college golf is something I would recommend to anyone. It helped me grow tremendously both as a player and as a person. I had to learn to improve my game, without the help of my coach at home and to be truly independent, both in golf and in life. It has made me take great ownership over my swing and my game which I may not have had in the same way, had my coach been by my side at all times. Also, the many tournament experiences I got throughout my four years in college and how my game progressed during this time, is a big part of why I am where I am today, I believe.
It was difficult to figure out the whole recruiting process, how good schools were and where would be a good fit. Playing tournaments in the states throughout high school made it easier perhaps but I wish I would have had the tools and information that this website is sure to provide.
And lastly I just have to say that one danger in coming to the United States is that you may stay, even after college"

- Therese O'Hara, Denmark, Professionel Golf Player, LPGA Player, UNLV graduate 2011 -

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